Squash Coaching

West Heaton is pleased to announce that we now have a permanent Level 3 Squash Coach, Max Gibbs, at the club.coaching-profile
Max is here to help you reach your goals regardless of your squash ability.
Max has very much become an integral member of the club since joining in late September 2016 and is a major asset to the 1st team in their endeavours in the 2nd Division of the North West Counties Squash League this season 2016/17: http://www.resultszone.com/cgi-bin/resultszone.cgi/nwcsl…
and at the same time supporting the 2nd team in the 4th Division http://www.resultszone.com/cgi-bin/resultszone.cgi/nwcsl…
To arrange a coaching session with Max please contact him directly as follows:
Coaching session prices available from Max directly.
West Heaton welcomes Max as an amazing asset to the club